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Advent 2024: World Tour of Fiber

Advent 2024: World Tour of Fiber

Join us in a World Tour of Fiber this holiday season! The travel-themed box will include yarn sourced from 5 countries on 5 continents (with an optional add-on of a 6th country/continent). Each individually wrapped skein of fingering weight yarn will be made of fiber sourced from the country/continent. The colorway will be inspired by the representative country/continent, and will be one of a kind, unique to this box.

The box will also include goodies (including a bag) to open with the corresponding yarn throughout the month of December. I designed this box for one skein and goody to be opened on each Sunday of the month of December (like a traditional Advent), plus the 5th to be opened on Christmas Day. But, please, open your box however you'd like.

This is a pre-order. Orders will ship in mid-November, in time for the holiday season.  Our Advents are unique! Rather than 25 mini skeins (like most yarn dyers), ours contain 5 full skeins (100 g each) of fingering weight yarn, which we feel is more useful. Whether you knit socks, shawls or sweaters, a full skein (rather than minis) is easier to assign to a project.

Domestic shipping included.

***IMPORTANT: Please order this separate from anything else as it makes things easier for our small business. Thank you!***

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